Veronica Webb embodies female empowerment. Her lifestyle website may be called Webb on the Fly but Veronica Webb has always been in the business of breaking barriers. At first for herself, as the first African-American supermodel to receive an exclusive contract with Revlon, preeminent journalist, and TV host; and now, for her fan-base through her female empowerment-focused digital brand. 

“It is the smartest thing I’ve done since I left home and went to Paris,” she says. Last week, Veronica was kind enough to jump on the phone to chat about her personal brand and the process behind Webb on the Fly. “Hands down. It’s the smartest thing.”

For Veronica, there’s no better way to engage in meaningful conversation with an oftentimes remote and distributed fan base.

“The blogosphere is incredible in that I get to hear directly from all these who have points of view which complementary to mine and being able to talk to people directly.”

Those conversations, largely turn around the notion of being able to have it all, which all too many women discount for themselves. Luckily, Veronica is here to remind us that “multi-tasking is overrated.” 

In speaking to female empowerment, Veronica says,  “I think it’s so important for us as women to make sure that we feel good and know to take care of ourselves first. And I think that you can use fashion and fitness to make yourself bette.”  

Veronica believes that good health is the basis not only of great beauty but also of a great lifestyle and internal wellness.

Writes Veronica: “I know what it is to fight the feeling of failure,” before launching into a beautiful and encouraging response to a fan letter she received, asking her, “How can I transition into a life/profession where I am happy?  I hate to say this, but I feel like giving up. I can’t deal with the pain. I feel like a failure.”

Fight the feeling of failure with gratitude and grit, writes Veronica. “When I feel like things aren’t working… I take stock of what I have that’s good. It could be food in fridge, a roof over my head, or the shoes on my feet.”

That’s the beauty of Webb on the Fly. It’s genuine. Veronica is present and engaged with her fans. As for the future, Veronica will continue to build her online business around supporting women. As she told Vogue last year:

One thing that I also learned from my mother is that you’re never too old to be something, to do something, or to try something. For me, starting this business with my sisters is amazing, because I have my own franchise and I have my own business. At 51, to strike out on starting another global business—I have to thank my mother for giving me the courage to do that.”

For unending inspiration, down-to-earth advice from the supermodel synonymous with female empowerment, follow Veronica at Webb on the Fly and follow her on Instagram.

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Colleen Patterson is the content marketing manager for Muses, a professional network for entrepreneurs and freelancers.