The Best X for Your Zodiac Sign was my idea. Hear me out — I started syncing astrological signs with content back in 2013. While working as a Digital Producer at the Bethenny Frankel show, one of our senior Producers was also an astrologist. It was AMAZING – the content exploded, our traffic increased and I got to indulge my love of all things “woo” to continue to spread the word that energy makes the world go round.

In the years since, I created an article for LinkAKC, a dog collar brand associated with the American Kennel Club, and helped usher in a new trend of articles used in content marketing to millennials focused solely on astrological signs matching them with the perfect product, pup and more. 

As we, 6boro Social, and my personal brand, @vixreitano, have both just completed a major #glowup cycle (thank you, eclipse season!), I thought it might be a good time to reconnect to blogging and share our unique process and strategy with you.

I believe content creation, marketing and production is a full-contact sport. What do I mean by that? I mean that I feel the strategies we design for our clients with every fiber of my being and that I guide my team to create content that draws on all of my past experiences (and theirs… and the clients’) to create something of substance. 

In order to create something of substance, you have to have a deep and real understanding of who you are… and that’s not something you can do alone. It’s something that requires guides — and that’s exactly what my team and I at 6boro Social do for our clients and why I have my own guides, like Jennifer Iserloh of Body and Soul Alchemy

I teamed up with Jennifer to create this article for you — to help you deepen your understanding of Zodiac signs, Tarot and how the energy flows in a way to work with you, not against you. So that you can start to see the patterns and, when you’re ready, dive into what works for you and, perhaps, work with one of us to go deeper than ever before to curate the life you truly want! 

What’s really interesting about Zodiac and Tarot, all of these esoteric practices is they all focus on the four elements – earth, air, fire and water, Iserloh said. Your Zodiac Sign falls into one of those categories and that can determine what social media platform or tool will allow you to feel most comfortable and connected to your way of thinking and growing — and, once you decide that, how to find the platforms or services where your ideal clients hang out to help you reach outside your own comfort zone to support those you wish you serve. 

Let’s dive into the signs, their corresponding Tarot card suits and what it all means for your marketing strategy! 


Earth Signs – Queen of Pentacles – Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo 

Each sign has its own unique traits, it is important to also consider both sign-specific platforms and element-specific platforms. For the earth signs these are:



Capricorn is a methodical, grounded sign. All Earth Signs are grounded, of course, but when it comes to Capricorn, they are geared towards things that systematically help them reach their next goal. They think “Where would the process of using this benefit me?” 

Best Platform for Capricorn: LinkedIn Think business groups, recommendations and all things that push them forward, systematically in their career. Use this platform to highlight the steps you so painstakingly took to reach your current level of success and then step out of your comfort zone for the next step on your journey.



Taurus is stubborn but in love with luxury, wealth and status. Our Taureans (of which I am one, with a Rising Leo… more on that fiery combination below!) absolutely adore highlighting the comforts of the beautiful, lush home space they’ve curated. 

Best Platform for Taurus: Instagram Think saves, DMs and meme-ing the next-best-home or design product. Saving different boards and communicating with Indie creators and curators while taking some time to show off their own beautiful spaces. Once you’ve nailed your “set,” take time to share your love with others – on IGTV or YouTube. You never know, you could be the next Nate Berkus. 



Iserloh says these people can be the most detail-oriented people of the Zodiac and are hyper-focused on organization. For Virgos, LinkedIn would work (as it does for all of our Earth Signs) but because they are so system-focused, they’re all about the tools that make their life easier. all about details, details, details!

Best Platform for Virgo: Slack/Google Docs/Pinterest All of these platforms focus on the intricate details of organization and content management as well as organized, digital networking. Did you know that there are networking groups ON slack? Slack is one tool you don’t want to underestimate and, who knows, if you’re a Virgo, getting your digital life in order might just be the extra “oomph” you need to step out of your comfort zone. 

All Earth Signs

When it comes to Earth Signs, the overarching theme for all three is about security, Iserloh said. Humans who fall into these signs tend to be very down to earth, very practical. And they are lovers of luxury and having financial stability, and freedom, to afford a lush lifestyle. That’s why all signs would benefit from spending a little extra time polishing their LinkedIn ahead of the back to school season this fall.


Fire Signs – Queen of Wands – Sagittarius, Aries and Leo

Each sign has its own unique traits, it is important to also consider both sign-specific platforms and element-specific platforms. For the fire signs these are: 



Our Sag folks believe “I am because people see me,” Iserloh said. They like to be looked at, they’re the influencers of the Zodiac. They’re not self-conscious and their ability to move their community makes them perfect for the platform du jour – they’re also the most likely to be an actor or performer. They are their art.

Best Platform for Sagittarius: Instagram as an Influencer. Think brand deals, collaborations, make-up tutorials and custom product lines. They use their Instagram to move their big goals forward – what better way to be a viral star than to start with a perfectly #sponsored Instagram? 



The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is less creative than Sag and Leo but more about getting things done through their charisma. Much more driven, someone who is a hustler but is more focused on how much money does it earn vs. how creative is this.

Best Platform for Aries: Aries wants to gain fame through their personality and by getting the biggest exposure for their efforts, that’s why they might want to consider a video-first strategy and lead with YouTube + IGTV. Did you know that YouTube reaches more of the “target” demographic of 18-34 year olds than any cable network? #Facts. 



Written by two Leo Rising ladies, this post falls in line with our desire to share. Iserloh says “Leo believes ‘I am because I am adored, because people connect with me.’ They are all about community.”  

Best Platform for Leo: They are the most creative signs of the Zodiac (again, #itme – Jen and I are both creators in different mediums!) and are often photographers, stylists and food bloggers. They would benefit from taking time to freshen up their Unsplash profile or their Tumblr page. Combined with Instagram, these platforms allow Leos to have that fireside chat-like conversation they crave. 

All Fire Signs

When it comes to these fiery divas, they like to be seen, heard and understood. They are bold and brash and, as this blog honors the Leo New Moon + Leo Season, they are ready to let their hair down and have some FUN. They’ll benefit from investing in a photoshoot or content plan for their Instagram as the hot, sultry days of summer come to a close.


Water Signs – Queen of Cups – Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

Each sign has its own unique traits, it is important to also consider both sign-specific platforms and element-specific platforms. For the water signs these are: 



Still waters run deep as they say, and for our water signs, this rings true. All of our water signs can be shy but Pisces is the most outgoing of the three.

Best Platform for Pisces:  They would benefit from creating an avatar or using Instagram to connect deeper with a niche community like gaming or cosplay. These people benefit from showcasing their ability to bring fantasy to life and Instagram is the perfect place to play. 



Isleroh, a Cancer, says that Cancers are mostly healers but can nip if you do them wrong! They are very into the community that feeds each other, mind + body + soul.   

Best Platform for Cancer: This mothering, nurturing energy benefits from DIY, Cooking and Supportive Communities so Facebook Groups and Pinterest are the perfect places for these nurturers to curate a community that cares. 



Scorpios, despite being a water sign and having loads of feelings, are very resistant to sharing their feelings. They are quite shy and can definitely attack when provoked. 

Best Platform for Scorpio: When they share, Scorpios are quick and can be, at times, quite vicious. That’s why we recommend Twitter for those who identify with this sign (sun or rising). It’s not to say that you’re all looking to spew some vitriol, but you are looking to share quickly and Twitter is the perfect platform for that. Just make sure you read between the lines before you attack – this is one platform where you can’t edit your message after it’s sent. 

All Water Signs

Water people tend to be internal but also like to share their feelings, this is why they often choose to have a character or avatar when sharing in a public forum. This allows them to be comfortable and shine authentically. This type of behavior lends itself best to blogs, vlogs and niche platforms like TikTok.


Air Signs – Queen of Swords – Aquarius, Gemini, Libra 

Note: Aquarius is not water, it is air. Aquarians are air signs
Each sign has its own unique traits, it is important to also consider both sign-specific platforms and element-specific platforms. For the air signs these are: 



Out of all of the Zodiac signs, they’re most concerned about their professional status and can sometimes come across as “cold.” Very analytical and traditional, Aquarius people need to be connected to humanitarian efforts to feel comfortable.

Best Platform for Aquarius: Supporting communities and finding ways to continue to expand this support makes Aquarius the perfect candidate to run a non-profit or crowdfunding campaign. We recommend you find an Aquarius to run your next Kickstarter or #InstaGood campaign – you’ll benefit from their strategic approach and they will appreciate being known for their intellect and business prowess. 



The twins of the Zodiac are focused on their duality – they have two personalities that need to be honored and promoted. They love to travel and adventure but they can be a bit “hot and cold.” 

Best Platform for Gemini: Benefitting from highlighting both areas of themselves, the Geminis feel most at home when they can connect with both their professional and public persona – they’d benefit from using a Facebook Page for their brand as well as a Personal Page for themselves.



Libras are often weighing different options and tend to be more meticulous. They want to try it before they buy it. From a professional point of view, they’d be engineers or architects. 

Best Platform for Libra: Taking the time to spec out their idea before executing, Libras would benefit from spending more timeon Pinterest as they prepare for a new season of prosperity. 

All Air Signs

These Intellectual Signs are all about their minds and their intellect. They need to feel supported and stimulated in order to share. Very strategic and more about “does this bring me intellectual value,” Iserloh says. We recommend they polish up their blog content on Medium, a blogging platform where words matter.

As you can see from this article, there are plenty of overlaps between the signs. There’s also no “one platform fits all approach.” Human beings are complex creatures who crave connection, now more than ever. Taking the time to evaluate how your personality type impacts your idea of success and your feelings of value are vitally important in developing a successful digital strategy for your goals. If you are uncomfortable sharing? You won’t ever be able to be authentic.

Take the time to decide who your ideal client is, where they hang out and how you can best leverage their personality type to connect with them on a deeper level. 

Written by Vix Reitano, Founder of 6borosocial