Brand-ability is all about the aesthetic. This is especially true for aspiring businesses that are looking to penetrate the market, establish their presence, and gain a competitive edge. To help you achieve this, graphic designers can help you establish a consistent flow of compelling visuals.

But choosing a great one is not as easy as it seems.

If you too are in pursuit of an amazing graphic designer to accelerate your business growth, the following guidelines should help you discern all the right qualities. But before you start searching, make sure you know what you need so that you can attract your ideal target audience.

Look for Clean, Simple, & Beautiful

You’ll need your website to be gorgeous but easy to navigate, so start your search by looking for these three qualities – a portfolio that is clean, simple, and beautiful. This is exactly what the audience wants to see from you, anything other than that would be a waste of your time.

Graphic designers have one simple rule to follow:

When it comes to branding, less is always more.

Try to Discover Cohesion in Variety

Clean and simple portfolios showcase another important quality – a graphic designer’s ability to tell a story. Powerful narratives are crucial for branding, but they’re not easy to create. A designer who knows how to connect pieces together is the right person for the job.

So, look for portfolios that showcase variety without compromising cohesion.

This is a great indicator of a designer’s creativity and talent to produce something genuinely new.

Search for Unique, Original, and Quirky

The key to brand growth is its distinctiveness, and it’s only logical that you should be looking for the same in your graphic designer. This defining quality may not be easy to find, but the good news is that you’ll be able to recognize a unique portfolio as soon as it lands in your hands.

Don’t settle for anything less.

The more unique the portfolio, the more distinctive the brand.

Of course, distinct doesn’t mean redefining or ground-breaking, not when it comes to branding. You still need to appeal to a wide audience, so steer clear from portfolios that are too radical and avant-garde to be considered contemporary.

Brands should be innovative, but they shouldn’t be too much ahead of their time. The same goes for their graphic designers.

Success Stories Are a Major Plus

In art, a picture is worth a thousand words. In business, it’s better not to risk too much. If a portfolio comes with success stories from the designer’s earlier clients, consider that a major plus. It speaks not only of the artist’s success rate but also of their professionalism and experience.

Look for notes about the project, client, and skills involved. They help put a picture in a context, and any great designer should know that.

A portfolio says a lot about the artist, so examine it slowly, carefully, and thoroughly. Pay attention to the details, as they allow you to read between the lines. In the end, go for the graphic designer who checks all the aforementioned boxes.

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