By Elizaveta Kozlova, @dreamliza – The quality and the editing of your photos contribute equally to the success of your Instagram blog. In this post I will share with you some of my secret tips and tricks on how to create beautiful content for instagram, what apps to use to edit photos and make your account attractive to brands and other Instagrammers.

What Type of Content You Post

If your profile has primarily photos of you, it is better to use a DSLR camera. DSLR enables you to get creative shots that also make you look more flattering that on iPhone photos. On a DSLR you will always be in focus and the background will always be a bit blurred which makes for a beautiful image. All you have to do is find a cool location! Also, always look for lights on the background – they create bokeh and that’s what we definitely want! I largely attribute the growth of my profile to the fact that I’ve been using a DSLR to take almost all my images, so I would definitely recommend investing into buying a DSLR if you don’t have one yet. There are plenty of affordable DSLRs on the market (e.g. Canon Rebel T6i or Nikon D5600). Plus, there is always an option to buy a used DSLR, it is common practice even among professional photographers.

If your profile has mostly flatlays and photos of products, using a phone will be just fine. Just make sure that there is plenty of natural light in the room where you are creating a photo. Clear your background of anything that doesn’t contribute to the image. Adding flowers to your photos is always a plus. Remember to vary your angles and setups.

What Apps to use to Edit Instagram Photos

Now let’s talk about editing. The most popular editing app is VSCO which is good and easy to use, but I wouldn’t recommend it. VSCO filters are way too recognizable and it’s hard to create a unique style using them.

Lightroom is your best option for top-notch editing. It gives you full command of the the image: you can easily remove the unneeded shadows or highlights, adjust the colors and make your image look moody and unforgettable. The key to a unique edit is using curves function.

Press on the curve button and this will appear:

The points which I marked in green will automatically be on the grid. You should add the three points which I marked in red. First slightly adjust the red points. Then, pull the upper green point slightly down. Pull the lower green point slightly up. I promise you, magic will happen. Once you export your image from Lightroom, you may use KUNI. It is my absolute favorite app. There you can add vintage effects such as light leaks and dust. You can also make your image 3D there. Basically, I just gave away the best editing app there can possibly be. The whole editing process should not take you more than 15 minutes.

Hope this guide will help you transform your Insta account into a magical and unique collection of photos!