We put so much time & effort to create content on Instagram . But as we all know, the internet is not a safe place and getting hacked could mean losing everything we created and can turn into one of our worst nightmares. I have had conversations with so many people about this and not many of us know that you can actually create a backup copy of everything you have on your Instagram account !

I created this ‘how to download data on Instagram’ guide for your instagram profile and to create backup of your photos, comments, profile information and much more.

1. Login to your IG account (Duh!)

2. Go to your account ‘Settings’

3. In settings select the ‘Security’ option

4. Scroll to find the ‘Download Data’ option in the Security section

5. Enter your account ‘email id’ and click ‘Request download’

6. Enter your account ‘password’ and click ‘Next’

7. Click Done

It will take upto 48 hours to get a link to your backup files from instagram.(It’s usually very quick so keep an eye on your inbox.)

1. Once you get the email click on ‘Download Data’ link

2. Use the ‘Download data- Part ’ on the next page to download backup files in .zip format. These .zip files will contain all the data from your Instagram account in various folders .

Note that these links work only for four days so make sure you download it in time.

Written by” The SavvyFashionGirl, a fashion & lifestyle blogger and influencer. Learn more about her on her blog and Instagram.