Coworking spaces seem to have popped up everywhere within the last few years, providing a flexible, entrepreneurial environment for the office-less.

Just last year, 80% of workers said they like the option of working from anywhere at any time. The flexible work environment boosts workers productivity and creativity.

Freelancers, small business owners, and corporations enjoy these collaborative office spaces because there are so many unique options tailored to each person’s business needs.

Benefits of Finding the Right Coworking Space

  • Surround yourself with other workers when you no longer have steady coworkers.
    • We can still receive human interaction outside of working in a traditional office with coworkers and managers. Coworking spaces allow us to work with people around us, whether we’re engaging in conversation, swapping ideas, or focusing on our work.
    • Coworking dissolves the isolation associated with remote work.
  • Get a physical mailing address for your business.
    • Depending on the space, most coworking offices provide meeting areas, conference rooms, and – most importantly – a mailing address. This street address is perfect for email marketing, displaying a business’s address on a website, receiving mail, and for legal purposes when filing for an LLC or corporation.
  • Work in a temporary space.
    • Our work may change throughout the years, months, or even weeks! Sometimes clients sign on for a few months, while other clients sign on for a one-time project. We can easily switch locations or move into our own office if we outgrow a space without worrying about a long-term lease.
  • Indulge in unlimited coffee and snacks!
    • Most spaces include snacks and drinks with coworking memberships. Food and drinks are served in designated kitchen areas with island tables and stools, a great afternoon pick-me-up when you need a breather.
  • Make connections with people in the community.
    • Take advantage of complimentary events and business workshops hosted by coworking spaces. You’ll discover how you can help the community and build connections when you need help in the future.

3 Factors to Consider When Searching for a Coworking Space


  • Do you want a space that’s close to the city? Or do you want a secluded creative outlet to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown?


  • What features make your work experience more enjoyable? Do you need to attend local networking events? Community workshops? Access to HR and concierge services?
  • We should feel comfortable going to work, so we deserve to have fun when we need a creative boost!

Membership pricing

  • Each coworking space offers a different pricing model.
  • Most spaces offer at least three memberships:
  • 1) Private office – just you and your team
  • 2) Shared office – you and other businesses not associated with your team, and
  • 3) Community membership – working in an open, shared space with other business owners with access to a meeting room, phone, and kitchen amenities.

Top 5 Coworking Spaces

  1. Regus: 3,000 locations, 900 cities, 120 countries
    One of the most versatile office spaces, Regus, is known globally for its in-person spaces and virtual office options. Regus offers a wide range of memberships based on location and business needs, including conference rooms, business lounges, coworking spaces, virtual offices, and more.

    Small businesses may opt for a virtual office if they simply need a private mailing address to keep business separate from their personal lives. Regus also offers call answering services, similar to a reception service. The business receives a phone number to distribute and a Regus business center answers phone calls using the business’s name.

    Regus prides itself with “the world’s largest network of workspaces and co-working spaces.”
  2. WeWork: 700+ locations, 122 cities, 30+ countries
    What makes this coworking space so unique? Its art-infused architecture and pet-friendly offices. Beautiful backdrops and stunning murals surround the WeWork offices both inside and outside making it an ideal space for creative businesses and startups.

    WeWork also hosts The Creator Awards to celebrate creatives from around the world in the performing arts, the nonprofit spectrum, and other business ventures. Aesthetically and environmentally, WeWork is one of the top coworking spaces in the world.
  3. Industrious: 70 locations, 40+ cities across the U.S
    Walking into our local Industrious in downtown Orlando, the community manager Kristen Utter comfortably pours fresh coffee, ensures community snacks are filled to the brim, and greets new guests walking in the door. Industrious encourages a welcome work environment.

    The coworking space also features local artists, displaying printed artwork and photographs on an art wall, located in a busy hallway. The Industrious franchise offers flexible month-to-month lease terms for businesses to grow at their own pace.
  4. Venture X: 15 locations across the U.S. & Canada
    Known as “The Future of Workspace,” Venture X offers an upscale coworking experience with its café and reception area, networking events, and meeting rooms. Venture X is nationwide with locations in California, Canada, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Texas, Utah, and Virginia. Many of these coworking spaces are locally-owned, tailoring each community’s experience.

    Venture X also offers discounted health benefits, human resources, and payroll options. The franchise is looking to expand internationally in locations such as England, Singapore, Australia, South America, and Dubai.
  5. Freelancers Hub: Located in NYC
    We saved one of the best for last: Freelancers Hub caters to New York City freelancers, receiving all the best benefits of coworking spaces for…drum roll, please…FREE.

    The community space was established in 2018 through a city partnership with the Freelancers Union, a national nonprofit organization. Freelancers Hub provides educational workshops, community events, and legal assistance.

What’s Your Favorite Coworking Space?

Let us know what exceptional coworking space you love near you, or if you prefer visiting different coffee shops and libraries to make the most of your remote work life!