By Dani Felt

There can be many factors when analyzing why singers don’t succeed. Many variables, many obstacles that can impede one’s success. To start, there are four top reasons that singers don’t push out of their own bubble and reach fame.

The four reasons singers don’t succeed include not having a strong enough mindset, not branding themselves correctly, not knowing or meeting the right people and creating music that is not monetizable and influencing their chances of making money from their music.

Reason #1: Lacking a Strong Mindset

To start off, mastering your mindset is a skill that will help your life overall but it will definitely improve your relationship with music and success. The mindset you are in determines how you relate to failures, to successes and to doubts. Your reaction to bumps in the road make the difference between becoming a successful musician or fading into the crowd. If you do not have a strong enough mindset to handle the negative things that life brings you and turn them into something positive, it will be very difficult to develop a thick skin.

Reason #2: Incorrect Branding

The next reason is insufficient or incorrect branding. In order to brand yourself, your music and your vibe, you must first understand what ‘your brand’ is. Look introspectively towards this answer, figure out some ideas of what you’re all about and that can be the first step to putting that on paper and making an action plan. If you cannot correctly identify your brand, then make action steps to create and sustain your brand, then it will be difficult to pitch yourself to important move makers.

Reason #3: Not knowing how to network in the music industry

Not to be forgotten is the power of networking. Back to Networking events for business professionals is a different realm than networking for musicians and industry professionals. There is a massive amount of creativity and originality in a room full of music industry professionals who are there to connect with others. That’s the type of room you need to get into and network around like it is your job!

Reason #4: Inability to monetize music

Lastly, is monetizing. For those who create music, it is a dream to be able to build a fanbase, create music for people to enjoy and finally to make a career out of it and make money doing what they love. In order to create music that is able to be monetized you must first get organized, get serious about your music and who your audience is.

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Dani Felt is an entrepreneur and entertainment maven. Born in Philadelphia, Felt’s passion for music began at a young age, but her penchant for performing soon gave way to her passion to help artists and creators navigate and thrive in the entertainment industry.